Domaine De Marie Church

Domaine De Marie Church in Dalat is also called Mai Anh Dalat Church
The church is located on the windy Mai Anh hill on Ngo Quyen street, the total area is 12ha, more than 1km from the center of Da Lat city.

Overview of the Domaine De Marie Church

The architecture of this house has many innovative features compared to the classical church in the West. It is still a cross-shaped but somewhat freer part: 11m wide and 33m long. The main entrance separates the two stairs and re-enters the main hall. In particular, the church of Domaine de Marie does not have the chimes chapel as is often seen in the architecture of other churches.

The most characteristic of this church is the roof system, shaped like the communal house of the Tay Nguyen ethnic group. The entire church is always dark pink, honoring the majesty of a religious work and in the early morning the church blaze up as a lovely beauty
In the church, there is a statue of Our Lady standing on a globe shaped like Vietnamese women, designed by Jonchère - a French architect.

Behind the church is a modern, three-storey building of the Sisters of Mercy, surrounding a patio, yellow-lined walls and red tile roofs. That adds to the majesty, and attractive for this architectural style
This is a unique architectural work that took the form of European architecture in the 17th century and combined of traditional architecture in the locality and has been built completely by Vietnamese materials.