Dalat ZooDoo

For a long time, people here dreamed of having a zoo, a playground for children. Today, after many years of building "ZooDoo - zoo & café" - ecotourism, including a friendly zoo, coffee, camping, picnic ... "in Australian style" went into operating now. Zoodoo Zoo is located in Da Nhim commune, Lac Duong district on the 723 road in the direction going to Nha Trang (about 35km from Da Lat city). Zoodoo Dalat is a tourist area, a playground, an attractive place not only for the young but also for the fastidious visitors.

The special of Zoo Dalat ZooDoo

According to Ms. Ha - the owner of the resort, Zoodoo Da Lat is a member of the Zoodoo World Association, is a wildlife protection organization of the world, operating under a strict process for any national, organization or individual who wants to join in the "Zoodoo home". But Zoodoo's consistent goal is towards children and a friendly environment. In the Zoodoo home, children are cared for and protected from space, walking, seating, and even pets, which must be kept to a child-friendly level. Zoodoo animals are not transmissible and are being transported here under the direction of the World Zoodoo. Consequently, the animals here are very friendly to visitors and are tied with positioning chips to be watch and control by the world Zoodoo. Even the set of tables and chairs in the resort must also be designed and constructed in accordance with the form prescribed by the organization Zoodoo from the form, material, size, and quantity.

Zoo friendly with nature Da Lat

ZooDoo Dalat is the first friendly zoo, unique in Vietnam. Built on space of 16 hectares, with the aim of being friendly with the environment, during the construction process, the company has planned and designed in detail, to ensure space protection. animals, just have space for visitors to visit. But do not cut down any pine trees, to avoid affecting the natural landscape has given to avoid affecting the habitat of the animals here. By Zoodoo Dalat, especially children will feel a lot of new things here, that is to see directly, hand touch the animals that you have only seen on television, movie. The kangaroo, the monkey, the pony horse, the Alpaca sheep, the parrot, the camel... All animals are trained to create friendliness and eat the food for visitors on hand.

ZooDoo zoo message

ZooDoo is not only a friendly zoo but also develops a model: camping between pine hill as well as coffee service, dining. This place is a place for visitors and children to come to enjoy the experience and creativity with nature environment next to the funny animals.

That is also the idea and message from Zoodoo: to join hands with parents, teachers, nurture in the baby love nature, love animals, nurture the soul in the morning, think good and do charity.