Datanla Waterfall

Datanla waterfall tourist area is 312 ha along the highway on Prenn Pass, about 5km south of Da Lat city center.

The formation of Datanla waterfall in Da Lat

Datanla was previously called "Da tam n'nha" by local ethnic minorities. K'ho people here say: In the past, many fairies often go here to bath because of the blue water, cool, hidden under the deep hole, covered by many layers of trees; So humans are so hard to see when the fairies bathe, because they do not know that "under leaves is water". Thus, when the waterfall was discovered, locals named it "Da tam n'nha" and in K'ho meaning "under leave is the water". Later, "Da tam n'nha" is pronounced as Datania, and then Datanla.

Datanla Waterfall

At the foot of the falls, the Datanla Stream slows down, leaps pass the cliffs and flows into a deep cliff called "Death cliff" located between the two vertical cliffs higher than 40m.

Want to get down to the waterfall: You can walk on a winding ramps with more than 200 steps. Or use a roller coaster system (60.000 Vnd).

Da Lat Datanla waterfall

General about Datanla waterfall

accept for the main waterfall there are also many other majestic waterfalls in the system. Recently Datanla company has operated adventure games for adventurous travelers, cliff climbing, jungle trekking canyoning, team building, and many activities

Datanla restaurant is located at the entrance gate is designed in stilt style, thatch roof . With capacity of about 150 guests, breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments with beautiful scenery, friendly view. In particular, pork specialties are very popular. In addition, Datanla restaurant also serves lunch, buffet and music gong depending on the request.

In 1998, Datanla Waterfall was recognized as a Historical-Cultural Monument.