Dalat Palace 3 - King Summer Palace

History of Bao Dai Palace in Da Lat

Palace 3 is the name of the king palace (Bao Dai Palace), the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, and also the last emperor of the feudal dynasties of Vietnam. it was used for Bao Dai to stay when he held back the power in 1948 and established the "Imperial government" in 1950.

The work was built between 1933 and 1938, designed by a French architect and a Vietnamese architect Huynh Tan Phat. The palace is located on a hill. that in the Dalat renovation project of an architect (Hesbrard) for the royal residence. This hill is 1539m high in Trieu Viet Vuong street.

Overview of Bao Dai King Power

In terms of architecture, Palace 3 is also one of the buildings influenced by architectural innovation in Europe. Palace 3 is considered a beautiful and elegant residence in the middle of a pure pine forest, attached with an architectural landscape of parks, Royal Gardens, forest and a small lake blended in a very reasonable and romantic way. It is noticed that the right side of the gate and the back of the palace have a flower garden in the French style , There is a well-kept front porch with great care. The small promenade around the palace lies hidden under the foliage, alternating between the green grass.

Similar to palace 2, palace 3 is also a massive building with flat roof systems, blocks are balanced but not rigid symmetrical. In front of the main hall, there is a porch covered with a parking lot. The ground floor is the living room, the study rooms, King Bao Dai's office, the library, the entertainment room and a large dining room.

The entire second floor is used for family activities including living rooms, King Bao Dai's bedrooms, Queen Nam Phuong, princesses, and princes. From King Bao Dai's bedroom, there is a roof terrace called Vong Nguyet Lau. Here you can admire the flower gardens, the promenade, the pines and even the far valley.

Wood paneling is still the main material for staircases, floors and interior fittings. Palace 3 is a beautiful architecture, associated with a special historical period of our country.

- Address: 01 Trieu Viet Vuong, Da Lat