Truc Lam Monastery in Dalat

Overview of Truc Lam monastery in Dalat

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is located on a 25ha campus, covering the most beautiful Phuong Hoang hill scenic area of Tuyen Lam lake. This place has the main view of the South is very unique, while seeing the panoramic view of the mountains of the Elephants stretching out to the lake to form a small peninsula between pine forests and green lake landscape.

Truc Lam Dalat monastery 

With such a well-selected location, Truc Lam Zen Monastery is a new architect designed by Architect Ngo Viet Thu, consulted bu designer Huynh Ngoc An designed the main hall. The rectangular Hall is simple in the center, toward to the south. In general, the form of decoration is simple, highly symbolistic, only the piece of woodwork is meticulous, carved sophisticated. Surrounding the main hall is a whole area of traditional Vietnamese temple architecture. The structure uses concrete structure to carry the architectural form of the temple.

Zen architecture in the trend of modernizing the architecture of ancient pagodas: On the form is the architecture of the nation in terms of modern functions and structure. Double-edged roofs, a special effect of Asian architecture.

History of the monastery

Monk Thich Thanh Tu started construction work on May 28, 1993, inaugurated on March 19, 1994. Along with the natural beauty, this place has become not only a place of spiritual practice but also an ideal place to visit.