Dalat Countryside Tour

Dalat Countryside Tour


Have you ever wanted to get away from the busy city, the hustle and bustle of modern life to find moments, peaceful experiences in the pine forest, colorful flower gardens ... Yes, let's explore the countryside. About 30km from Dalat city, in the area of Lam Ha district, the tour is designed to bring visitors to discover and learn the daily life of local people around Dalat through the activities of agricultural production. Regional and traditional trades with local identity


Places to visit :

Robin Hill and Cable Car: Located on Prenn Pass - the gateway to the city, Robin Hill has a favorable location and airy views. From here, you can easily see the whole city, covering the peaceful city in your pictures. Dalat Cable Car

Truclam Zen Monastery: With a cool climate all year round, the scenery is beautiful, next to the lake. the monastery is a perfect place to practice meditation. come here you will feel peaceful and relax. take a walk between many flower gardens planted by the monks. Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Tuyen Lam Lake: Tuyen Lam Lake is considered as a green paradise with tranquility. quiet in the afternoon with the sunset. it is a romantic place for many couples dating and for who want to relax after a long day working. Tuyen Lam Lake

Preen Waterfall: Prenn in Cham language means "occupied land" - here happened a war between K'Ho and Cham people. The waterfall is higher than 20m as a strip of white silk pours down. there are some popular entertainment activities such as elephants or ostriches riding. Preen Waterfall

Pongour Waterfall: Pongour waterfall also known as 7-storey waterfall with a height of over 40 m and stretching more than 100 m. The waterfall here creates the whitewater carpet is extremely powerful. It is the most beautiful waterfall in the south - the title that our last King Bao Dai had given to it. Coming to Pongour Waterfall, you can photograph and admire the waterfall beauty. Besides, you are explained by the guide about the legend of the 7-storey waterfall to know How Ms.Ka Nai and her rhinoceros protected the mountains. Pongour Waterfall

Elephant Waterfall: Explore the majestic elephant waterfall- One of the majestic and impressive waterfalls of the Central Highlands, under the waterfall, there are giant green moss rocks like limp elephants in harmony with the sounds roaring like a tiger angry. If you love the feeling of adventure and discovery, you can go along the cliff edge to a cave at the foot of the falls, it would certainly be an unforgettable experience for visitors. Elephant Waterfall

Cricket farm: With the smell of the crickets when you step into the camp, the cages are designed in a different way but in accordance with the captive conditions of this active insect. Here, visitors will visit and learn the technical process of breeding, feed Crickets...; and then enjoy a crispy dish it will be an enjoyable experience (cost is included).

Coffee Plantation and Weasel coffee: Continue the journey, car cross by the Namban town with the wild scenery.  Stop at the coffee farm, after learning about the cultivation, processing of making coffee, you will be free to take pictures of the coffee beans and coffee plants, enjoy a cup of coffee by the windows of the bungalow facing the hilly coffee with a lake view of the rural Central Highlands.

K'ho Minority Village: Have a contact with the owner of this land. they living here before we came, discover their culture and listen to there stories of this land. it will surely bring you closer with Dalat people.



  • Wearing shoes will be better for the waterfall.
  • Bring some extra money if you want to buy things.
  • We will bring some umbrella for you in case it rains. But you should check the weather. to bring your own raincoat if you want to wear your own one.
  • Tip for guide and driver: Our culture doesn't have tips. but you can tip them if you want to. it based on how satisfied you are.

Extra information:

  • Transportation: private car (  =6 persons : 16 seat Van)
  • Pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City  ( pick up from the airport: pay extra: 20 Usd).
  • pick up time: 8.30 am
  • Tour includes all entrance fee. Car. driver. English speaking tour guide. one bottle of water.
  • Not included: Your food
  • Hiden fee: No hidden fee.

 Price for our tour with tour guide and driver:

Pax 2 3 4 5
Usd/pax 45 35 30 25



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